Romania Edit

Sorry for the long absence.
I was in Romania last week, in a city called Cluj-Napoca.
Got to see all of it’s wonderful park areas and got some skating done.
Made this little iPhone edit, of the whole trip.


Romania Edit – Cluj-Napoca from Ringgren media on Vimeo.

Viddy updates!

Hey there everybody on the world wide web…

Wanna check out something cool?
Then take a peek at my weekly viddy updates – new tricks, either done at the park,
or at random street spots around the Danish country side.
Have a good one everybody!!!

Ice cold Frontside flip

Out in the streets trying to produce some footage.
Still a bit cold here in Denmark, tried to film some tricks down this 9 stair.
But my camera didn’t like the cold weather, and the battery died out
faster than it should have. But I got this one down.
And there will be more from this spot, in the days to come.


Cold as Ice Frontside Flip from Ringgren media on Vimeo.



Street Heroes – Cool As Ice

Quick update: Street Heroes – Cool as Ice took place yesterday in Bucharest, and I am happy to say that I got 1st prize in the skateboarding contest! Will soon write a more detailed post about the event and my trip to Bucharest.

Keep posted!


Away for a bit!

The other day I  learnt this new trick on the jumpbox at the local skatepark in Aalborg.
And this is the last I’ll post this week. Because I’m Going to Romania to skate a contest there. So see you next week.

Enjoy the video! 🙂

Fun new trick! from Ringgren media on Vimeo.


So day one and two is over now.
Day one was just a lot of traveling.
Had two flights that day and landed super late in Málaga.

Day two on the other hand, was super good. Warm weather and the sun was shining the whole day (temp. 17 C) and consisted mostly on scooping out the city to see where the spots were at.

Got to skate the plaza near the busterminal for a bit, check out the video below.
(For photos of the two days go here)

New Website.

So I’m starting up this new website, for easier access with this URL.
I’ll update with photos and videos, every time there is something new.
(Photos will be on the frontpage, but also in the photos menu)

First info about the adventures in 2013, is a filmer trip to sunny Málaga.
There will be posted photos everyday of the trip.

Check back on the 10th, where the madness begins.

So welcome to the new site.

ARL - Bs 180

ARL – Bs 180